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All services are done by phone, Zoom, or other similar apps you're currently using.

Methods of payment accepted: cash, check, Venmo.

Advanced ASH Worker 

Activated Spaces Healing

ASH work is a series of energetic protocols that are great to release stuck patterns in people and animals. ASH calms the Parasympathetic Nervous System, which is where the healing takes place.


ASH focuses on the spaces in, through and around problems not the problem itself. It's indirect work that is an actual shortcut to changing and improving things. Works well for every emotional and physical situations you can imagine. Session usually last 25-30 minutes. 5 rounds of 3 minutes each are conducted. ASH work creator Rudy Hunter describes the process as laser focused prayer.

$75 (30 MIN SESSION)

Integrated Imagery

Past Life Regression

A form of regression therapy developed by Dr. John Amoroso.  Integrated imagery is a psycho-spiritual experiential technique that makes deliberate use of altered states of consciousness to enable people to access the many dimensions of the unconsciousness mind. 


During a session one can be  taken to a past life, between life, biographical, present time, future life and the perinatal. The main objective of this process is to enliven the positive complexes and to de-energize the negative complexes or themes that have hampered us from past lives brought into our present circumstance.  


Energy and

Aura Readings 

Ability to read your energy and aura around questions that you provide so that you can make your own decision regarding the questions that you have.


Often there is a disconnect between the physical body and the spirit body. The spirit knows what is right for your growth. The body and mind often feel threatened with change.


These readings can help you make an informed decision for your life. I tell clients to bring 3-5 questions for a reading.

$75 (30 MIN READING) OR $90 (45 MIN)
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